Is Odoo Right for Your Business?

Incorporating the ERP system into your workplace will ensure productivity and efficiency. So, if you let an ERP developer incorporate it into your business, the ERP solution can shift to a software-based model and ease out all burdens related to the operation. It will help integrate, organize and streamline the core business processes. 

There are several dependable choices to consider, such as the Oracle e-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One. But with Odoo, you’ll just have to consider the ERP solution a step ahead to its entire applications created to manage business processes with ease. It’s a management software created by an Odoo developer to suit your business requirements. Why the software stands out is due to its affordability, modularity and ease. This makes you install Odoo with no hassle.

But does Odoo really suit all your business needs? Read on this article to know why Odoo is a right for your company.

What ERP Solution You Need to Look for?

When you want to deploy an ERP management platform, you need to choose the best ones. You need to address all challenges that come your way when handling the business processes. You need to carefully research for the best ERP, CRM and management solutions. A CRM developer may be needed to help you determine what your business really needs.

Some parts of your business may need an ERP software to benefit and deploy a suitable solution. If you know the goals of your business, you can apply an ERP solution that works best with it.

Why Odoo Fits Your Business Well

When your choosing an ERP, you need to ensure it suits your working environment. If you force the ERP solution, you redesign the processes and make the framework more complex while implementing processes. It will add up to the entire operational expenses by shuffling the current methods and reorienting your staff.

With Odoo as designed by an Odoo developer, there is no need to weave the processes and frameworks. You can easily combine Odoo and implement it right away. It comes with quick navigational features and powerful functionalities to gain control over all your major business processes. It will enhance your businesses processes by simplifying it and promote productivity and efficiency inside your business. 

Odoo is noted to come with its own features to be easily distinguished from different ERPs. An ERP developer can help carry out the modifications of the modules without interfering with the codes. It’s a way to improve the scale and growth of the operations of a business.

Odoo as well is distinguished through its user interface, cutting edge technology and minimizing the overall costs. You can explore its competitive pricing by selecting the modules and overseeing if it’s beneficial for the addresses that you need.

Through an inclusive ERP solution like Odoo, you can then reckon if it’s something that fits the Odoo framework. A CRM developer can determine what you really need and have the processes and framework fit your business without modifying anything.

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How to Leverage Odoo Gamification for your Business

Every employee has high hopes of receiving a reward for doing a great job. Who isn’t interested in receiving a reward or recognition? Certainly, it will include everyone just like myself. A company has the need to assess their employee’s performance, capabilities, and potential, especially during appraisals. This is necessary as every employee excelling in his job will want a reward. Otherwise, they may end up leaving the organization and finding a better job. To inspire them, an Odoo developer can introduce the Odoo gamification to their business and have everyone enjoying.

There must be a well-structured way to evaluate an employee’s performance. You may have noticed that the big heads in an army have specific and significant insignias on their shoulders and chest. These are achievements they have earned while performing their duties. The badges will indicate their accomplishments, skills and interests they have earned from challenging environments during their careers. Just like any company, the Odoo gamification has been included to help in an employee’s appraisal. The software can be obtained when they consider an Odoo partner to provide it.

What is Gamification?

This is a concept where you apply a gaming mechanism and design techniques to certain companies to inspire, engage and motivate their employees to achieve specific goals. So, how does the Odoo gaming motivate people to achieve their goal when applying gaming techniques?

  • For starters, an Odoo partner can introduce the gamification to improve engagement, promote smart objectives, challenge and reward your different teams. It is a simple way to evaluate and motivate the employees while working in the office. The app is a great tool to motivate and challenge employees to reach their targets.  
  • Goals are provided for every challenge to assess and compare team players with each other over time. It has various examples you can choose for every challenge based on what your company needs.
  • Your employees are challenged efficiently through the Odoo software, where you get powerful models to motivate your employees. It’s your chance to create different challenges, set goals and targets you want to achieve. The challenges and progress of every employee are featured in the dashboard. Here you’ll see all the answers to your questions regarding the challenges.
  • You can motivate your employees and obtain results. You can excite your employees in the best ways to improve their performance in your business. No more need of motivational yet complex techniques. The gaming system will have your employees work harder if they reach their goals.
  • This then will have employees receive their rewards. For nonnumerical achievements, they are given badges. It’s a way to show your gratitude for an exceptional achievement. The badge will prove how thankful you are to your employees for doing an exemplary job.

So, You Have Gamified Your Business with Odoo

The rewards are given to people who have reached their targets and accomplished their goals. You can keep them focused and enhance their figures by treating their achievements just like a game. The Odoo gamification as introduced by an Odoo developer can be applied and adapted by any business. They see the real value if brought to a business. It pushes your employees to work well; hence, the business improves.

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How An Odoo Connector Links with Shopify and Odoo

Just like platforms woocommerce and magento, Shopify is an e-Commerce software development company that innovates various computer software intended for retail and online stores. Odoo on the other hand is a web-based ERP app that offers quick responsive modules to handle any type of business. It offers a business with its basic needs, such as HR, CRM, sales, accounting, purchase, and so on. This of course will need a Shopify developer and Odoo developer to have both linked together and become beneficial to a business.

Shopify is the frontend of an e-Commerce website, while Odoo is its quick responsive backend. Developers link the two through an Odoo connector app, which connects anything with Odoo. Here, users can synchronize any customers, products, orders and payment from Shopify to Odoo. The connector will surely offer a seamless integration between Odoo and Shopify.


  • You can design several odoo instances and handle them so easily.
  • All your products from Shopify to Odoo will be sync with this app.
  • Your customers as well will be sync by this app from Shopify to Odoo.
  • All Shopify orders can be synchronized to Odoo using this app.
  • Shopify collection and categories will be synced to Odoo by this app.
  • Shopify payment methods and Odoo payments can possibly mapped by the software.
  • Products are manually mapped at Shopify end.
  • Tax mapping can be done whenever tax calculation is required by Shopify and Odoo.
  • You can also manually map the currency used in Shopify and Odoo.
  • Sync the bidirectional inventory.
  • Seamless integration
  • Compatible with cross browsers.
  • Is user-friendly and easily configured.
  • The Odoo connector works well with Odoo 12.0 version.


Once you reach the landing page, you’ll find the “install” button. You need to be at the shop URL to install the app.

If you use the odoo connector to connect you from the Shopify store to Odoo, you’ll find out that it improves your sales, synchronize your operations and simplify your inventory. The Odoo connector will sync everything from Shopify to Odoo. If you don’t know much about the app, you can always hire a Shopify developer or an Odoo developer to do this part for your online store.


Once installed, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan to make the app work. The payment will ensure you go directly to the Odoo connector where you can configure, sync products, collections, customers, orders, payments, taxes and currencies.


You can also do mappings from Shopify to Odoo, where everything is synchronized with just one click. Here you can edit, delete or filter by clicking the “Synchronization” button. If you feel you want to know more about how to use the Odoo connector when accessing Shopify and Odoo, you can watch videos featured on the Internet for further information. Or better, you can ask a Shopify developer or an Odoo developer to provide you with a step by step detail. If you have further questions, you can always contact the Odoo customer care service for support.

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