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How to Leverage Blogger Outreach to Improve eCommerce Conversions

One of the keys to successful e-commerce business is to constantly innovate. Perhaps, you have already tried everything, from giving freebies, discounts to coupons and vouchers. But do you know that you can actually leverage blogger outreach in order to grow your business? Here’s everything you need to know about this. 

  1. Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate blogs are another effective way of improving your reach. What’s great about these blogs is that you don’t need to be concerned with the content and the SEO aspect of it. This is a win-win situation for you and the blogger. Your product will be made known to your target consumers while the blogger will receive a commission in exchange. 

  1. Guest Posts

There’s no doubt that guest blogging can certainly help to increase the traffic to your site. It does not necessarily need to be promotional. Any informative blog content will do. 

Guest blogging is an effective way to expose brands and reach out to target audiences. This is also a great way to spread awareness about your company’s products and services. Of course, it’s important that the blog content is also SEO-driven and should hit the high in search engine ranking. 

  1. Expert Opinions

Expert opinion is a type of blog where you can have an expert in your niche to blog about the product that you sell. This is like a blog review of your product written by industry experts, which is why it’s more credible. 

If for instance, you’re selling hair products, then look for someone who is an expert in the hair industry. Ask that person to review your product and provide an honest opinion about it. 

  1. Gift Guides

Another effective way of utilizing blogs is through gift guides. You may ask what gift guides are. This is usually popular during the holiday season such as Christmas and Thanksgiving Day. When someone will search for a list of top gift products within your niche, these blogs will appear. This method is truly very effective during the holiday season when everyone seems to be in the mood for shopping gifts. 

  1. Backlinks

Backlinks are very important in blogs and you can take advantage of this as well. Simply provide backlinks to some of the most popular blogs in your industry so readers will be redirected to your e-commerce site. 

However, it’s very important that your backlink will look natural in the blog content and must be blended well. Otherwise, the link will appear unnatural and suspicious. Inserting backlinks to blog content requires the expertise so you need to hire the right person to perform this task. 

As a general rule, backlinks must link to the right product page instead of merely directing it to the landing page of your e-commerce site. Otherwise, the reader will not want to browse through your e-commerce site to look for the product, which defeats the purpose. 


Blogger outreach is indeed very useful for e-commerce sites, regardless of the industry that you belong to. If you follow the tips provided above, you can attract more customers into your site and improve conversion. The key is to look for the right blogs and reach out to the best bloggers within your niche.

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How to Use Local and Niche Citation to Increase Traffic

There are numerous tactics that you can use in order to increase traffic to your website. But have you ever thought about using local and niche citations in order to double or even triple the traffic on your site through certain keywords?

Local link building is a strategy that requires getting other websites within your local area to link into yours. In doing so, Google and other search engines will see your website as something trustworthy. If these search engines will notice that you are getting a lot of local backlinks, you’ll end up winning over your competitors in terms of website traffic. 

So here’s how to do this. 

  1. Try Local Blogs

Another effective way to do this is to get in touch with some local blogs in your area or those online publications within your niche. If you have no idea where to find them, simply do a search. Enter the name of your local area and then your industry. 

Online magazines and industry blogs are usually given more importance by some search engines compared to other websites. Therefore, having them to link into your site can certainly help increase your rankings. Of course, it’s not only beneficial for SEO, but this is also a great way to establish a reputation within your industry. 

  1. Look for a Reliable Listings Management Service

The first step is to look for Listings Management Service that can provide your business information into business listings. You might think that you can do it yourself but this requires a lot of effort and you might be better off hiring the experts to do it. 

There are companies that offer listing management services and can get the job done right for you. Simply provide them your business name and other important details and they will provide your information to trusted directories and business listings online. 

What’s great about using this service is that you’ll be able to easily manage your listings. Aside from getting your information passed into these sites in a single step, you’d be able to make the necessary changes about your company’s details if needed. 

  1. Take Advantage of Vertical Citations

Citation sources would vary slightly depending on your industry and locality. Determining where your business competitors have been listed can also help you to look for the most appropriate websites for link building. These include relevant blogs, forums, and local directories that are industry-specific. 

Examples are restaurants, healthcare, plumbers, automotive, doctors, lawyers, etc. Search engine algorithms and robots are able to easily understand the nature of your business if it’s listed in niche directory and authoritative sites. 


It’s very important to maintain consistency and accuracy in all the local directories, citations, websites, and social media sites where your business is listed. Inaccuracy could hurt your SEO and your reputation and this will eventually lower your ranking. 

This can also make your business to be less visible online since search engines will no longer trust you. Thus, performing citation audits regularly is necessary in order to make sure that your listings are consistent and up to date.

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66 Sources of Content Inspiration

The time has finally come. You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your most recent content piece, and it’s ready to be packaged up and sent to the client to be pushed live. After a few final checks and only…

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