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Odoo And Product Information Management (PIM)

If you sell products online then you need a good product information management (PIM) system to keep track of everything. A PIM will enable you to manage all of the information pertaining to your products across several sales channels all in one place.

With a PIM you can simply distribute your product level data (including new uploads and edits) across the sales channels that you use including external giants such as Google Shopping and Amazon, as well as your own online store.

Not only will a good PIM system assist with the distribution and storage of product data but it will enable you to improve the accuracy of your product information as well as assist with product audits. 

What can you store with PIM Ecommerce?

You can store a variety of information about your products with a product information system. It is also possible to synchronize product information from a number of different sources. These are some of the common details used in PIM data:

  • The product name including a title and a description
  • The attributes of the product including pricing, cost and SKU
  • Specifications of the product such as weight, dimensions, packaging and warranty
  • Product metrics
  • Copy for the product
  • Sales channel information

When you have a PIM system your data collection is not only simplified but it also negates the need for manual data processes so that you can focus your efforts on product sales. You can easily sort through the data in your PIM and you will be able to go live with your products a lot faster which will give you a competitive edge.

Odoo and Product Information Management

If you use the Odoo platform for your online store then you can easily manage your products with the Akeneo PIM. This is the only product information management connector for Odoo. The Akeneo PIM will enable you to manage all of your product information centrally. 

You must have the Odoo Ecommerce, Website Builder and Purchase Management apps installed to use the Akeneo PIM connector. Once you have installed Akeneo you will need to add your Odoo server credentials including the URL of your server and the database name to configure everything correctly.

With the Akeneo PIM software can import all of your products and export them as well. At the Akeneo end you can import product data by using a Microsoft Excel file (XLSX) or a CSV file. 

Features of the Odoo Akeneo PIM Connector

There are many features available with the Akeneo PIM that will help you to streamline product information related to your Odoo ecommerce store. Here are some of the most commonly used features:

  • You can export product categories from the Akeneo PIM
  • You can create product attributes from the Akeneo PIM
  • You can create product attribute options in Odoo from the Akeneo PIM
  • You can send multiple images of a product
  • Akeneo PIM will work with product variations
  • You can map your Odoo categories to Akeneo categories
  • You can map Odoo product fields
  • You can export multiple job profiles such as all, attributes, products, categories etc
  • You can filter products exported by category, language, status etc
  • You can use a SKU identifier to export specific products
  • You can update your exported products with the latest changes

Using the Akeneo PIM connector with your Odoo store you will be able to manage all of your products, categories, attributes and other product options all from the Akeneo platform. There are several product field mapping options and all of the features of this PIM system will put you in total control of your product information.

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